Bala Foods Services


Product Development (ODM)

Bala Foods is pleased to offer a holistic approach to product development to our valued customers. We are equipped to help you design every aspect of your product from your initial vision to its manufacturing and labeling and its product testing and more.

Whether you are looking to create a product that is uniquely your own or simply to re-brand one of our tried and true food items with your own customized label and logo, Bala Foods can help you get the job done right.

We offer low minimum orders, allowing you to test the waters with your product before buying in bulk. Our pricing is highly affordable, allowing you the joy of being involved in creating new food items for your customers’ ultimate eating pleasure.

Raw material supply

Already have your formula and packaging and just need the raw materials to get the product produced? Bala Foods can deliver. We stock a wide array of frozen foods and sauces that can be shipped directly to your door.

Our proteins and vegetables are picked at the peak of their freshness and are individually quick frozen to ensure their exceptional quality. We provide our raw materials in both small quantities or in bulk with only small minimum orders required.

This allows you the luxury of testing our frozen foods to ensure they meet the high standards your recipes deserve before committing to larger orders in the future. This ensures no product loss or disappointments.

Product Concept

Have a great idea for a new food product but just don’t know how to put it all together? Let Bala Foods help. We meet with you to discuss your ideas and help break things down into small, manageable steps, assisting you with bringing your vision to life.

Part of this process includes helping you source the best raw materials to create a product of exceptional quality to satisfy the needs of your customer base.

Marketing specialists, the team at Bala Foods can help you craft a product that is not only delicious, but that is also visually appealing to drive your sales forward and increase your market share.

Product Packaging

Often the final selling point for any product is its packaging. Creative packaging helps increase brand awareness and encourages repeat purchases amongst consumers.

The team of marketing specialists at Bala Foods can help you create packaging that is eye-catching, giving your food product a competitive edge. Why be content with blending in when your food item can truly shine with branding that increases customer interest and loyalty?

We offer you a wide array of design options, including a rainbow of colors, textures, fonts, embossing, and more to help you create the look that uniquely communicates your brand’s message.