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Bala Foods

Bala Foods, a company whose focus is the provision of exceptional quality goods for the Canadian foodservice industry, is proud to offer unique products, allowing businesses to offer excellent foods at competitive prices. Among the products we provide is quality assured frozen food OEM, processing, and Total Solution Services (TSS). 

Our Total Solutions Services are comprehensive, ensuring each aspect of a successful product is carefully considered from the initial product development to quality-assured processing and packaging to the final distribution for use in the Canadian foodservice industry.

We impose strict quality control standards upon ourselves to instill confidence in the customers of our firm commitment to excellence. Any product that bears the Bala Foods name is crafted to be of the highest quality and is a testament to our brand responsibility. 

Each product we design is undertaken with our customers’ unique needs in mind. It is our goal to help you increase your market share. To achieve this, we make it our mission to focus on the latest food trends to help us create products to meet customer demand, helping you to keep your valued patrons coming back for more.

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