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Product Development

Bala Foods is pleased to offer a holistic approach to product development to our valued customers. We are equipped to help you design every aspect of your product from your initial vision to its manufacturing and labeling and its product testing and more.

Product Concept

Have a great idea for a new food product but just don’t know how to put it all together? Let Bala Foods help. We meet with you to discuss your ideas and help break things down into small, manageable steps, assisting you with bringing your vision to life.

Product Packaging

The team of marketing specialists at Bala Foods can help you create packaging that is eye-catching, giving your food product a competitive edge. Your food item can truly shine with branding that increases customer interest and loyalty with our support!

Raw material supply

Our proteins and vegetables are picked at the peak of their freshness and are individually quick frozen to ensure their exceptional quality. We provide our raw materials in both small quantities or in bulk with only small minimum orders required.


-30% more than 20 kinds of fresh vegetables

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